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A Veteran Looks At The Full Armor Of God

RRP $17.99

"For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens." We, as Soldiers in the Army of God, are under constant attack. Think about what happened to Job when Satan was given permission to test him. As far as we can see from scripture, Job is never given an explanation for what happened in his life - he may have had to console himself with that bleakest of soldierly observations: "Stuff Happens." We have to prepare ourselves for when The Lord allows "stuff" to happen in our lives. This book help the Christian who wants to be better prepared for spiritual warfare, and to become well-equipped to defend, and protect, himself as he runs his daily missions. In this book we will review, and begin training in, the combat gear that was mentioned by General Paul, in his letter to the Soldiers at Ft. Ephesus. This will begin with an in-depth look at the Full Armor of God.  First by looking at the equipment of the 1st century legionnaire, as the Apostle Paul observed while under house arrest in Rome. Next we will examine the equivalent gear as carried by a modern Infantry Soldier. Finally, we will consider the spiritual implications of the gear, and see how it is to be applied, in a rubber-meets-the-road manner.

Revetment Systems Against Wave Attack

RRP $244.99

This book discusses the functions of revetments and the different aspects of structural performance. It includes example specifications and calculations that enable the engineer to choose the most stable, appropriate and cost-effective revetment system for a given situation. The book guides the engineer through the design process, from identifying hydraulic loading conditions and initial dimensioning of the revetment elements, to detailed design of the revetment elements to ensure adequate protection against design wave conditions. A range of materials for the generation of alternative solutions to the problem are considered, and a summary of design methods is provided.

Career Gps 4 Vets

RRP $15.99

Professional Career Planning, Management and Goal Setting... Though it has many applications, this particular workbook is designed with the military personnel transitioning in mind. It also serves to help first-generation professionals of all ages. Starting with the school-age youth who has decided to become a professional but does not have access to people from the professional world. Secondly, the college-age student who is in college but is challenged in deciding what to major in. Thirdly, for the employee who is looking for source material to be ready for an upcoming promotional opportunity. Having personally gone through all of the before mentioned phases/stages of a career, I know how exciting and rewarding it can be when you are the first in your immediate family with professional ambitions. Any edge you can get to add to your readiness is a big plus. I believe the workbooks simplicity lends itself to the broadest range of career levels and applications. I am the first in the family to reach my education and professional level. As I look back on both careers-military 1974 -1981, then onto retirement from law enforcement from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department as a Corrections Officer, 1985 - 2006 -I can see how differently both of those outcomes would have been had I employed what this exercise offers. While researching context for the concept, I noticed that many of the people I talked to did not analyze the work-world the way I do here. It is not by any means completely comprehensive-in that it will cover everything you need to know to make your career the best work-life possible-though I do consider this as one of many literary pieces you will need for reference material throughout your work-life. Well, good luck on your journey to your new-life opportunities, may they be filled with richness, success and stability.

Communication And Communication Disorders

RRP $392.99

Featuring contributions from leading experts, Communication and Communication Disorders:A Clinical Introduction, 4e blends science, clinical applications, and introductory concepts to help readers develop a sound understanding of the field. Appropriate for both majors and non-majors, the text's consistent format and unifying organization address communication disorders involving articulation, fluency, voice and swallowing, language, and hearing. Focusing on communication disorders over the lifespan, the text balances speech-language pathology and audiology and includes separate chapters devoted to child and adult disorders. This edition includes a new chapter on pediatric audiology; expanded discussion of language acquisition; and more information on autism, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, and childhood aphasia. Case illustrations, figures, and photographs are used liberally to illustrate concepts and a capstone chapter highlights possible careers.

The Case Of The Velvet Claws

RRP $19.99

Criminal lawyer and bestselling mystery author Erle Stanley Gardner wrote nearly 150 novels that have sold 300 million copies worldwide. Now, the American Bar Association is bringing back his most famous and enduring novels-featuring criminal defense lawyer and sleuth Perry Mason-in striking trade paperback editions. Married Eva Griffin has been caught with a prominent congressman, and is ready to pay the editor of a sleazy tabloid hush money to protect the politician. But first Perry Mason tracks down the publisher of the blackmailing tabloid and discovers a shocking secret, which eventually leads to Mason being accused of murder. This is the first Perry Mason mystery and our introduction to secretary Della Street, detective Paul Drake, and the great lawyer himself.


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