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Kitty Takes A Holiday

RRP $19.99

Kitty Norville's established herself as a DJ, with her midnight talk show Kitty's Midnight Hour, been forced into revealing herself to the nation as a werewolf and testified to the Senate about the supernatural denizens of the USA, but now it's time to lay low in a remote Colorado cabin and work on her memoirs.

Her plans get derailed when sexy werewolf hunter Cormac Bennett shows up with her lawyer, Ben O'Farrell, who's been bitten and is about to turn into a werewolf himself. But Kitty's hideaway is neither as peaceful nor as secret as she hopes, for barbed-wire crosses start showing up all over the place, and, worse, gruesome animal sacrifices are left at her door. Someone wants them gone, and it's up to Kitty and Cormac to find out who's stalking them - before someone gets really hurt ...

About the Author

Carrie Vaughn was born in California, but grew up all over the country, a bona fide Air Force Brat. She currently lives in Colorado with her miniature American Eskimo dog, Lily. She has a Masters degree in English Lit, loves to travel, and is known occasionally to pick up a rapier.

Career Gps 4 Vets

RRP $15.99

Professional Career Planning, Management and Goal Setting... Though it has many applications, this particular workbook is designed with the military personnel transitioning in mind. It also serves to help first-generation professionals of all ages. Starting with the school-age youth who has decided to become a professional but does not have access to people from the professional world. Secondly, the college-age student who is in college but is challenged in deciding what to major in. Thirdly, for the employee who is looking for source material to be ready for an upcoming promotional opportunity. Having personally gone through all of the before mentioned phases/stages of a career, I know how exciting and rewarding it can be when you are the first in your immediate family with professional ambitions. Any edge you can get to add to your readiness is a big plus. I believe the workbooks simplicity lends itself to the broadest range of career levels and applications. I am the first in the family to reach my education and professional level. As I look back on both careers-military 1974 -1981, then onto retirement from law enforcement from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department as a Corrections Officer, 1985 - 2006 -I can see how differently both of those outcomes would have been had I employed what this exercise offers. While researching context for the concept, I noticed that many of the people I talked to did not analyze the work-world the way I do here. It is not by any means completely comprehensive-in that it will cover everything you need to know to make your career the best work-life possible-though I do consider this as one of many literary pieces you will need for reference material throughout your work-life. Well, good luck on your journey to your new-life opportunities, may they be filled with richness, success and stability.


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