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Secrets Of A Vet Tech

RRP $17.99

In this first edition, JC Farris shares her journey of how she financed pet care on a poverty budget. A vet tech caring for 25 of her own rescue animals, she chronicles her methods, that were sometimes unconventional, but necessary. Although the second edition surpasses the information in the first, this is still an excellent story and reference. Included in this edition is how Farris supplies heart worm, intestinal parasite, and external parasite control monthly to her pack for only a few dollars per month. Look into her pet medicine chest and discover what products she buys, where she purchases them for less, and how she uses them. Learn how to finance veterinary care as well as ideas for pet financial assistance. Discover the one action that you can take that will save you more in veterinary costs than any other. Surprising truths about vaccines and pet food are revealed within the pages of this edition as well as common lab tests that you can do at home. Cost saving secrets to caring for your pet birds, small animals, pocket pets, and reptiles are also included. Learn the secrets to getting the most out of your vet visits and the importance of lab testing. Farris' background as a certified euthanasia technician will provide a unique perspective regarding euthanasia that may help make the decision to euthanize a little easier.

Endocrinology, An Issue Of Veterinary Clinics

RRP $214.95

This issue will explore the latest research and clinical information concerning endocrinology of exotic pet species. The articles will cover thyroid disease in rodent species, deslorelin implants in birds, pathology of the avian panceas, non-surgical management of ferret adrenal endocrinopathy, medical management of reproductive disorders in birds, neuroendocrine regulation of calcium metabolism in reptiles, clinical aspects of the avian hypothalamic/pituitary axis, and more!

The Venomous Reptiles Of The Western Hemisphere

RRP $521.99

Two-volume set.

Since the publication of The Venomous Reptiles of Latin America by Cornell University Press in 1989, scientific discoveries and taxonomic changes have resulted in the addition of many taxa and species to the herpetological fauna of the Western Hemisphere. This updated, heavily rewritten, and greatly expanded version of that book now includes accounts of all 192 species of venomous snakes and lizards found in the Western Hemisphere.

This two-volume set is illustrated with stunning color photographs, including portraits of venomous reptiles (many of which are unique in showing newly discovered species and views of male, female, and juvenile individuals); images of snakebites, an important tool for diagnosis and treatment; color vegetation and topographic maps; black-and-white photographs; line figures; and completely revised distribution maps.

Volume I includes a list of tables, preface, introduction, and regional/country accounts with related bilingual identification keys and vegetation and topographic maps. Genus and species accounts in this volume treat the lizards, coralsnakes, seasnakes, and all the pitvipers except rattlesnakes; these accounts are accompanied by color photographs of each species. Volume I also contains a complete index to both volumes.

Volume II includes descriptions of all known species of rattlesnakes. It also features four chapters by experts on mimicry, evolution, and snakebite treatment in tropical and temperate America. A glossary, literature-cited section, and index serve both volumes. Color photographs portray rattlesnakes, mimics, and the damage done by snakebite. The Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere is an essential reference for all naturalists interested in herpetology-amateurs impressed by the beauty and complexity of venomous reptiles as well as professional herpetologists and their students conducting research in the classroom, at the zoo, and in the field.

A Veteran's Cry The Journey Home

RRP $66.99

A Veteran's Cry was written for veterans. It was also written for people who support veterans be they friends, family or complete strangers. It was written to those of you who chose to protest- in what we have done, what we do now and what we will chose to do in the future. This book was written to give a little insight into a world that is sometimes filled with the unspeakable. It is a world, which is very often misunderstood. Many vets have trouble relating to non-vets and the reverse is often just as true. As in many professions of public service people sometimes have trouble understanding the full scope of our different jobs and therefore tend to forget that we too, are just people. It was best quoted to me one day by a friend, "We were common people sent to do uncommon things." A Veteran's Cry was also written as a continuing healing journey for me. In the seventeen years of my military service only a few were spent in combat situations. It was not until several years after my separation from the military that my memories came forward and asked to be healed from those things I thought were long buried; and therefore gone.These few pages were not necessarily things that happened to me. Most of them have come from talking and listening to fellow veterans. Some I knew personally, many I did not.


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