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Composing A Care Of The Self

RRP $302.99

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What do Germ Theory, self-psychology, the entrepreneur and the Bertillion Card have in common? They comprise a part of the historical dispositif for the emergence of the writing portfolio. This riveting Foucaultian-inspired genealogy travels through the history of medicine, criminality, psychology, political economics to reveal the epistemologies and practices of power/knowledge of the contemporary portfolio. In so doing, it challenges previous held beliefs about the germination of the secondary school, prevailing views of the dawning of secondary English as a discipline, and most important, the costs and effects of progressivist's writing pedagogies and assessment instruments. Carlson & Albright offer fresh and far-ranging examinations of the rise and development of composition studies and assessment practices in U.S. secondary schools, thereby challenging major English education scholars' long-held interpretations of such. Composing a Care of the Self: A Critical History of Writing Assessment in Secondary English Education posits, for example, an elucidation of the history of writing assessment that I believe is most compelling and original, particularly in its analysis of historically dominant medical discourses and metaphors of the late 19th century and their influences on secondary English educators. Further, the authors, inspired by Foucault's uses of genealogy as means to expose practices and rationalities of power/knowledge dynamics and their relations to matters of governance, dramatically advance theoretical orientations within the field of English Education. They do so through their intricate weaving of Foucauldian theoretical perspectives into analyses of crucial and yet often taken-for grantedforms and functions of composition studies and writing assessments in the secondary English classroom. As such, this book is a remarkable achievement. - Janet L. Miller, Ph.D. Professor, Programs in English & Education Teachers College, Columbia University In COMPOSING A CARE OF THE SELF: A CRITICAL HISTORY OF WRITING ASSESSMENT IN SECONDARY ENGLISH EDUCATION, David Carlson and James Albright problematized secondary school assessment practices in the late nineteenth century and provide a fascinating genealogical study of English education. Together and under the mantle of Foucaultian genealogy they explore the relationships among the body, health, and secondary education exploring how epistemology in medicine spread to educational discourse. This is a highly readable account and one that disturbs the standard histories. It is a highly recommended text for all those interested in the history of English studies and writing assessment. - Michael A. Peters, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, Professor, Policy, Cultural & Social Studies in Education, University of Waikato

Foundations Of Career Counseling

RRP $386.99

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For students taking courses in career counseling.


Help future counselors develop an usable understanding of both theory and technique.

Foundations of Career Counseling: A Case-Based Approach is built around a series of case studies that contextualize and bring to life all aspect of career counseling from theories through assessment, intervention, and education. Designed for students taking courses in career counseling, this practical and engaging text places a strong emphasis on diversity and on passing along a clear and concrete grasp of how to do effective career counseling.


Balancing both theory and application, all of the chapters contain case material like transcripts, examples, and sample assessment results that illustrate Suzanne Dugger’s clear explanations of concepts. The text will help future counselors develop a thorough understanding of working with clients across the lifespan (from children through older adults). And the text also provides a good foundation for working with specific populations such as persons with disabilities, military veterans, ex-offenders, homemakers, and caretakers transitioning back into the world of work. 


From Reviews of the Book: 


“This is the best career counseling text I have seen to date. It thoroughly covers major theories but also includes models, process, employment law, and theory. . . . The writing style is quite good. It is easy to ready and interesting.”


—Janet Froeschle Hicks, Texas Tech University



“The strength of this material is that it [is] very comprehensive and well written. All of the key concepts and theories were well covered. . . . I really enjoyed the book and the detail was outstanding. . . .  I would definitely adopt this work in my class.”


—Steven Jochim, University of Massachusetts, Boston


Also available with MyCounselingLab®

This title is also available with MyCounselingLab—an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with the text to engage students and improve results. Within its structured environment, students see key concepts demonstrated through video clips, practice what they learn, test their understanding, and receive feedback to guide their learning and ensure they master key learning outcomes.

Cat Care Essentials

RRP $20.99

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If you need quick answers to your cat-related queries then this book is for you. Covering everything from toileting in the neighbour's garden and what type of food to buy to teaching your kitten to use a cat flap and curing problem behaviour, Cat Care Essentials is the easiest way to solve any cat conundrum.

Fully illustrated and packed with clear, concise, professional advice, this book is guaranteed to give you all the facts fast!

About the Author

Francesca Riccomini is an experienced veterinarian and pet behaviour counsellor. She is a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist, a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and of the Feline Advisory Bureau Expert Behaviour Panel. She is a regular contributor to a number of magazines, including Your Cat, the UK's leading cat magazine, and is the author of two cat books.

Gladys, Working As A Wildlife Vet

RRP $9.99

For Those Who Care To Learn

RRP $39.99

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As a channeled "messenger of the Holy Spirit," Malcha's words are logical, surprising, and sometimes shocking. A new spiritual perspective about lost civilizations, society's concerns with abortion, homosexuality, drug addiction, fair use of world resources, future forms of leadership, and even the worst atrocities ever known, are all catalysts in creating universal Oneness. Malcha is neither a prophet or alarmist. His words are a profound message of hope and eloquent instruction. In recognizing and using today's gift of the Holy Spirit, we can be guided and sustained through the growing pains of a New Age for mankind. In this process, we are to become something greater; a super-powered humanity possessing unsurpassed abilities that are to put us closer to a god-like state than we can presently imagine. Extraordinary difficulties preface this, and the end will be marked by a form of addictive music, gripping much of the world for a short time. Realizing the strangeness of this, we are asked to only remember Malcha's words and need not believe them. At this exact time, we are facing humanity's "finest hour upon the earth," when we are to become the gods of tomorrow's New Age.


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